Disabled Athletes Playing Basketball
Youth Basketball Team

It's all about the athletes we train! Our programs are designed to help give our participants the edge above their competitions no matter your age or the position that you play. 


All participants will be provided with a FREE Player Evaluation.

We ensure that all athletes never lose their focus and enjoyment of the game.

Each player receives a custom program geared to their specific skill level.

Players, coaches, and parents can request the trainer focus on specific skills the player is looking to improve.

Private Lessons

(1 Player)

Players that do one to one support will have the opportunity to get more repetition and support to improve the skills on the court.

Semi-Private Lessons

(2 Players)

An extremely effective way to improve skills by offering intense workouts, enabling learning to occur at a fast pace. Two players work hard to push each other to improve their skills under the guidance of an experienced trainer.


Semi-Private Training will work on fundamentals and also provides a chance to compete against another player. Each player receives maximum benefit during their intensive workouts. Workouts will focus on each player’s unique performance goals and emphasize the following

Team Training

Team training focuses not only on individual skills but on team growth. Our qualified trainers will provide our athletes with the tools they will need to further team goals and perform to there full potential.